Start-Up Starter Pack


The Start-up Starter Pack

You need a solid digital foot-print if you’re to make any waves toward credibility online. With fake accounts on the rise, having a solid presence is even more paramount that you can imagine.

The Start-up Starter pack, provides you with the essentials to come out of the gate. Strong.

what’s included:


  • Basic website package: |5 Pages | Social |Contact Form |Email | Google Footprint

  • Bespoke Instagram Puzzle Design x1 mo (pre-loaded content)*

  • FB Pixel Integration

  • SEO site tagging & page conversion optimization

  • Google Footprint Set-up & Config

  • Facebook page rescue

  • Unlimited revisions + Final Source File Download/FileTransfer

*this is a one of a kind custom IG design, containing 72 numbered squares for IG upload (approx. 1month of content @3x/day)


Unlimited revisions does not mean go on vacation-

. please, respect the process.