rescue program

Know Thyself, and Thy Website

“it takes courage to admit when you need a little help”


The Program

Get off the runway of your start-up, and get your idea to market.

I am your dedicated product engineer, and will be your guide through the most critical build and launch phase lifecycle of your business. The First one.

This is the real deal.

At the end of the program you will have a solid product complete and ready for market.

This program is designed to guide young companies to market through proven, simple strategies, many of today’s successful start-ups use.

3mos @ $35,000

I am your dedicated start-up guide for 90 working days.

During this time frame I work with you work hands on, diving deep into your companies branding, message, website strategy, & customer experience.

Be prepared to answer the hard questions about your business, and discuss all potential rollout- scenarios, together we will evaluate your ideas suitability for the Squarespace platform, and make recommendations where & when needed. The advice provided is only a suggestion based on actual experience.

*This is a full-program that includes: Branding +Logo | Web Design | Marketing | & Launch Party


*this is an exclusive level of service*

upon completion of the program, you will have a fully functioning start-up business ready for market-launch upon completion




Please respect the process. We respect you.